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Fox News is a cancer that spreads negative propaganda to the American people

Fox News does not want the American people at peace with one another they bathe in media adversity, opposition, and turmoil. They enjoy seeing the American people divided and at war with each other depicting race against race, working class against the rich, cops against young black boys, Christians against Muslims, Republicans against Democrats, the President against the people, and they promote hatred against peace. Fox News is nothing but an entertainment broadcast station that promotes racsim on important issues. The first lady gave a beautiful speech at the DNC that united the Democratic Party; but Bill O ‘Reilly from Fox News had to disparage her speech. Fox News is the catalyst for the hatred you see across America today concerning issues that matter. They enjoy seeing people at odds fueling their anger over important issues that matters. Fox News voiced nothing positive about the DNC on issues that matter to the American people. America needs to stop watching such negativity and hateful banter that promotes cynical propaganda persuading the public to hate each other

Fox News is blessed to have this public platform watched by millions across America instead of using it to broadcast the positive facts concerning real issues and debating how America can come to a resolution in solving the issues that is hurting every community in America, Fox News abuses their platform by promoting and broadcasting negative bias to the American people and it needs to STOP!! This is why the entire nation is divided because Fox takes real issued and twist them into cynical propaganda promoting false fact to the public and they believe it. The American people are hurting and Fox News use their platform to keep them oppress and depress about important issues. They play puppet master keeping opposition in the news for the public to hear. The American people need to realize that Fox News is not a factual news station. Fox News is nothing but an entertainment broadcasting news station promoting negative, racial, commentary to the American people poisoning their minds with false facts.


Why is the Trump Campaign Intimidated by Hillary Rodham Clinton?

Hillary Clinton pic


Hillary Clinton’s record of accomplishments is impeccable. The Trump campaign tried to bash her integrity last night at the Republican Convention, persuading the American people that she is not suitable to be the next president of the free world.

America, don’t believe the hype! I will admit, she is not perfect and she has made some mistakes, but so has Donald Trump. I had a revelation last night after listening to the majority of the speaker’s bashing Hillary, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of Americans is not ready to see a strong woman running this country. I have to admit there are a lot of diverse culture who think a woman is not strong enough to be president. There are some men who are intimidated by strong women and Donald Trump is one of them. The Trump campaign is on a mission to lie about her experience, her qualifications, and her accomplishments, the lies that they tell the American people and the bias propaganda they furnish to the media is preposterous. Let her accomplishments speak for themselves.

  • First ever student commencement speaker at Wellesley College.
    •President of the Wellesley Young Republicans
    •Intern at the House Republican Conference
    •Distinguished graduate of Yale Law School
    •Editorial board of the Yale Review of Law and Social Action
    •Appointed to Senator Walter Mondale’s Subcommittee on Migratory Labor.
    •Co-founded Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families
    •Staff attorney for Children’s Defense Fund
    •Faculty member in the School of Law at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
    •Former Director of the Arkansas Legal Aid Clinic.
    •First female chair of the Legal Services Corporation
    •First female partner at Rose Law Firm.
    •Former civil litigation attorney.
    •Former Law Professor at the University of Arkansas School of Law.
    •twice listed by The National Law Journal as one of the hundred most influential lawyers in America
    •Former First Lady of Arkansas.
    •Arkansas Woman of the Year in 1983
    •Chair of the American Bar Association’s Commission on Women in the Profession
    •twice named by the National Law Journal as one of the 100 most influential lawyers in America
    •created Arkansas’s Home Instruction Program for Preschool Youth
    •led a task force that reformed Arkansas’s education system
    •Board of directors of Wal-Mart and several other corporations
    •Instrumental in passage of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program
    •Promoted nationwide immunization against childhood illnesses
    •Successfully sought to increase research funding for prostate cancer and childhood asthma at the National Institutes of Health
    •Worked to investigate reports of an illness that affected veterans of the Gulf War (now recognized as Gulf War Syndrome)
    •Helped create the Office on Violence Against Women at the Department of Justice
    •Initiated and shepherded the Adoption and Safe Families Act
    •First FLOTUS in US History to hold a postgraduate degree
    •Traveled to 79 countries during time as FLOTUS
    •Helped create Vital Voices, an international initiative to promote the participation of women in the political processes of their countries.
    •Served on five Senate committees:
    committee on Budget (2001–2002)
    committee on Armed Services (2003–2009)
    committee on Environment and Public Works (2001–2009)
    committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (2001–2009)
    special Committee on Aging.
    •Member of the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe
    •Instrumental in securing $21 billion in funding for the World Trade Center site’s redevelopment
    •Leading role in investigating the health issues faced by 9/11 first responders.
    •In the aftermath of September 11th, she worked closely with her senior Senate counterpart from New York, Sen. Charles Schumer, on securing $21.4 billion in funding for the World Trade Center redevelopment.
    • Middle East ceasefire. In November 2012, Secretary of State Clinton brokered a ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas.
    •Introduced the Family Entertainment Protection Act, intended to protect children from inappropriate content found in video games.
    •First ex-FLOTUS in US History to be elected to the United States Senate (and re-elected)
    •Two-term New York Senator
    -(senate stats here:…)
    -(voting record here:…)
    •Former US Secretary of State
    •GRAMMY Award Winner

Retrieve by Candace TX

Now compare Donald Trump’s  list of (click..  accomplishments : None dealing with the American People and this is who you want to vote for?

The Trump campaign is in full throttle seeking to destroy Hillary’s image because they know she will be the first woman to make history as being the first president of the United States of America. As a conservative democrat myself, she has my vote and I pray that the rest of America will open their eyes and vote Hillary Clinton to be the next president for America.



Donald Trump Is Not for The Minority

Trump is only for the rich. He is not for the hard working class people who makes America what it is today. He thinks minorities are beneath him. He uses uneducated people of all color to work in his casino’s, hotels, business as maids, housekeepers, bus boys, waitress, dishwashers, floor cleaners, drivers, etc. Trump only goal right now is to become the next president of the United States of America and he will say anything to get there. He is targeting uneducated white people with the same bias, pompous attitude as himself. Don’t listen to the hype. Ask yourself, When have you ever seen Trump socialize with minorities other then now? He wants your votes. Don’t be blind to his persuasion. This man never cared about the American People he only wants what he can get out of the American People. He wants your vote. Trump is now and forever will be for  people like him the wealthy. He has silent lenders who is backing him up and making sure he wins this election. He don’t realize it’s conservative people like me in America who will stop at nothing to make sure he will never sit in the oval office because he is not for the American People. Trump has no compassion for the working class. He will never know what it feels like to walk in a poor man shoes. _84742522_4d0a65c7-d8de-4737-a91d-aae19b35dd63

Same Sex Marriage

It’s a shame politicians will sale their souls just to win an election because they feel they’re the voice of the people. The gays want the world to bow down to their ideology and to their own personal lust even though it’s unnatural and wrong to marry the same-sex. Just because they feel they should have the same rights and benefits of a married man and woman does not mean the entire world have to subject to what they believe. That’s their personal feelings to love who they want to love; but don’t go changing the laws of marriage that is between a man and a woman just because the gays feel a certain way.

That’s like saying, “I like smoking weed; since I like smoking weed and if the majority of the people feel the same as I then we need to form a coalition to make smoking weed legal in all 50 states”. Why? “Because it’s something I like doing and it’s something I feel passionate about. If I can persuade America into believing that there is nothing wrong with smoking weed then they will make it legal. I don’t have to hide to smoke it anymore. I can just come out of the closet and do it freely and open now”. America needs to grow some balls and start standing up against these gays and liberals who think they’re running the world.

It’s unnatural and it’s ungodly for two of the same-sex to marry. What happen to America leading the world instead of bowing down to deities such as lust, idols, ideology, money and immorality? The core of America is under God we trust to set moral standards, not to follow what the rest of the world is doing. I really hope the head of states don’t go through with this. It’s just not right and I don’t care how you debate it or petition it, it’s unnatural. It goes against the Law of Nature. Where is the voice of reason to keep marriage sacred only between man and woman? I don’t think the gays should call it marriage; they should call it something else because legally by law it’s really not marriage. It’s all in one’s imagination. Marriage will and forever will be between a man and a woman even if they do past this same-sex marriage law

No Same-Sex Marriages in North Carolina

Same–Sex Marriage is unethical, and it’s unconstitutional. It goes against everything that America stands for. Marriage is a personal sacred union between man and woman. It’s been like this since the beginning of time. Just because a certain group of people feel they should have the same rights as a man and woman is bias.

What happen to protecting the right of union between man, woman, and God? Just because certain radicals wants to have it their way does not make it constitutional. There are some things the American people should never stand for and Same-Sex Marriage is one of them.

I have no problems against gays. Who you fall in love with is your personal business. The problem I do have is when homosexuals try to change the laws and the morals of this country by brainwashing the American people thinking it’s nothing wrong with changing the marital laws so they can have the same rights of passage as a man and a woman.

This is where the problem comes in. Just because you think it’s right does not mean that the laws of America should change to suit your needs. This is homosexual ideology and it’s not fair to the conservatives. How can one group of people speak for the rest of the America? As a conservative we have rights also. As a Christian I believe in the sacred union of marriage between man and woman.

To all the Christians and Conservatives who feel the same way write to your state Congressman David E. Price and Governor Pat McCrory.   Start a petition and lets fight this bill all the way. Let give the power back to the 61% who voted against the same-sex marriage bill in 2012. Those leaders like Kay Hagan who are for same-sex Marriages should not have your vote. Vote for a leader like Thom Tillis who has the voters interest in mind and not the judges, lobbyist, and legislators who passes these laws without the people’s vote.

Before you go out and vote in November research your Judges, District Attorneys, Senators, Congressman, and Governors. See what they’re doing for your community, county, and state. Never vote straight Democrat or Republican. Vote to change the way your community, city, and state is govern.

Make sure you’re registered to vote and go out and vote. Lets make a change because your vote do count.

The Government Shutdown

The Obama Care has nothing to do with this government shut down.  Boehner is full of BS, and you have so many people defending him and his Republican Party. Since The Huffington Post didn’t publish my comment about Boehner then I will post it to my blog. As I said many times before it’s time for Boehner and the rest of his party to leave the white house in 2014. This is my own personal opinion that I’m voicing. I just want to address those who are for Boehner and the Republican Party. Do you think it’s right for Boehner and the Republican Party to let babies go hungry? Do you think it’s right for them not to bring the bodies of our dead soldiers homes that fought to protect this country? Do you think it’s right for them to continue receiving a paycheck while others who also work for the Government doesn’t?

The Republicans have never supported the hard-working Americans in this country, and they care less if the poor and the homeless starve (cutting out wic, and reducing food stamps) and die (against Americans having free healthcare, and Obama Care).  John Boehner and the Republican Party don’t give an f*#* about the American people, they just don’t want to lose, and definitely not to Obama and the Democrats.  Have you ever taken notice in the media that some people don’t consider Obama as their president; so they will not say (President Obama), they will just say Obama. The next time your watching the news especially Fox News just listen to some of the reporters or news anchors and you will hear what I’m talking about. Boehner and his Republican party is playing hardball with people livelihood all for the love of politics, and it’s not fair to the American people.  Every American citizen needs to get out and vote in 2014.


We the people Need to Take Back America


Obama need to continue turning up the political pressure on the Republicans. Boehner talks about America getting into more debt and he want to find ways to cut debt so our grandkids is not reasonable for our future debt.

Why didn’t the Bush administration think about this before they sent all our factories jobs overseas? It does not take a genius to figure out how to stop over spending in America, bring our American jobs back home to America so we can start back building and creating things in America.

College is not for everybody, back in 1992 under the Clinton administration America economy was booming because the American people had jobs we had white color jobs, and blue color jobs that paid a decent salary that the average person could live on especially those who didn’t go to college and just took up a trade.

The American people need to protest and let their voice be heard. The reason Republicans like Boehner can shut down the government because the American people give him the power to do so without saying anything. Now the government wants to cut out Food Stamps, Wic programs, unemployment checks, anything that will help the poor the Republicans will stop it. After you have sent 70% of our factory jobs overseas how do people suppose to work? Where should people look for work that can take care of an entire family?

Everything is going up except for minimum wage and salary wages. If there is an increase in the economy then there should be an increase in working people wages. The government is raping the American people and we are not doing anything about it. I recommend every freaking American to vote in 2014 so the Democrats can take over the house. The American people need to vote John Boehner out of the white house.

Every American citizen needs to figure out what their Mayor, Senator, and Governor, district Judges and DA’s will  do for them, in their community, and in their state. Don’t ever vote straight Democrat, educate yourself, do your research and know whom your voting for.

It’s time for the citizens to take back America and we should have the power and the rights on how this country is led.

Syria Chemical Weapons

It amazes me how the United States and 188 other nations now have international norms that must be respected. Following World War II and the Holocaust, the United Nations adopted a resolution on December 9, 1948, which stated “The Contracting Parties confirm that genocide, whether committed in time of peace or in time of war, is a crime under international law which they undertake to prevent and to punish.”
Clearly, the massacres in Rwanda constituted genocide, so why didn’t the world step in to stop it?” replied Jennifer Rosenberg.
It amazes me how the world just stood by and watch 800,000 men, woman, and children being slowly tortured, raped, killed, and slaughtered like animals by Hutu extremists, and the Clinton administration along with the rest of the world didn’t do nothing to stop it, Why? Because Rwanda did not have not valuable resources that America could use. The Hutus used machetes, clubs, and knives to slaughter human lives because the bullets were too expensive to buy. The rest of the world just didn’t care that Africans were being slaughter daily by the thousands like animals. I often wonder; if this same bloodshed happened in Europe, or Australia, like it did in Rwanda Africa, what would be the significance of the United States and the other 188 nations aid to these two countries. Where was the norm when the genocide took place in Rwanda back in 1994? America goes to the aid of any other country in the world except Africa, and when they finally decided to intervene, it was too late.
Where do we draw the line between what is immoral, and what is the norm?

Rwanda Genocide


The Genocide In Rwanda

US chose to ignore Rwandan genocide
Classified papers show Clinton was aware of ‘final solution’ to eliminate Tutsis
by Rory Carroll in Johannesburg

The Guardian, Wednesday 31 March 2004 10.59 EST
President Bill Clinton’s administration knew Rwanda was being engulfed by genocide in April 1994 but buried the information to justify its inaction, according to classified documents made available for the first time.
Senior officials privately used the word genocide within 16 days of the start of the killings, but chose not to do so publicly because the president had already decided not to intervene.
Intelligence reports obtained using the US Freedom of Information Act show the cabinet and almost certainly the president had been told of a planned “final solution to eliminate all Tutsis” before the slaughter reached its peak.
It took Hutu death squads three months from April 6 to murder an estimated 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus and at each stage accurate, detailed reports were reaching Washington’s top policymakers.
The documents undermine claims by Mr Clinton and his senior officials that they did not fully appreciate the scale and speed of the killings.
“It’s powerful proof that they knew,” said Alison des Forges, a Human Rights Watch researcher and authority on the genocide.
The National Security Archive, an independent non-governmental research institute based in Washington DC, went to court to obtain the material.
It discovered that the CIA’s national intelligence daily, a secret briefing circulated to Mr Clinton, the then vice-president, Al Gore, and hundreds of senior officials, included almost daily reports on Rwanda. One, dated April 23, said rebels would continue fighting to “stop the genocide, which … is spreading south”.
Three days later the state department’s intelligence briefing for former secretary of state Warren Christopher and other officials noted “genocide and partition” and reported declarations of a “final solution to eliminate all Tutsis”.
However, the administration did not publicly use the word genocide until May 25 and even then diluted its impact by saying “acts of genocide”.
Ms Des Forges said: “They feared this word would generate public opinion which would demand some sort of action and they didn’t want to act. It was a very pragmatic determination.”
The administration did not want to repeat the fiasco of US intervention in Somalia, where US troops became sucked into fighting. It also felt the US had no interests in Rwanda, a small central African country with no minerals or strategic value.
William Ferroggiaro, of the National Security Archive, said the system had worked. “Diplomats, intelligence agencies, defence and military officials – even aid workers – provided timely information up the chain,” he said.
“That the Clinton administration decided against intervention at any level was not for lack of knowledge of what was happening in Rwanda.”
Many analysts and historians fault Washington and other western capitals not just for failing to support the token force of overwhelmed UN peacekeepers but for failing to speak out more forcefully during the slaughter.
Some of the Hutu extremists orchestrating events might have heeded such warnings, they have suggested.
Mr Clinton has apologised for those failures but the declassified documents undermine his defence of ignorance. “The level of US intelligence is really amazing,” said Mr Ferroggiaro. “A vast array of information was available.”
On a visit to the Rwandan capital, Kigali, in 1998 Mr Clinton apologised for not acting quickly enough or immediately calling the crimes genocide.
In what was widely seen as an attempt to diminish his responsibility, he said: “It may seem strange to you here, especially the many of you who lost members of your family, but all over the world there were people like me sitting in offices, day after day after day, who did not fully appreciate the depth and speed with which you were being engulfed by this unimaginable terror.”
A spokesperson for the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation in New York said the allegations would be relayed to the former president.

Your Prayers and Your Votes Will Change America

America is in a crisis right now, signup and Pray for America. The President, the Heads of State, and all other leaders of America needs your help to vote, and your prayers. Pray and ask God to help with your decision on selecting the right candidates in office to run the state, the government, and this country. Your vote is very important to this country, signed up to Register to vote online. Just think if everyone in the world did not vote because they felt as if their vote would not count, can you imagine what this country would be like? Let your voice be heard, change starts with you, and lets start praying together with an everyday regime for our leaders. Prayer always changes things, lets make that change together by voting.

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