Fox News is a cancer that spreads negative propaganda to the American people

Fox News does not want the American people at peace with one another they bathe in media adversity, opposition, and turmoil. They enjoy seeing the American people divided and at war with each other depicting race against race, working class against the rich, cops against young black boys, Christians against Muslims, Republicans against Democrats, the President against the people, and they promote hatred against peace. Fox News is nothing but an entertainment broadcast station that promotes racsim on important issues. The first lady gave a beautiful speech at the DNC that united the Democratic Party; but Bill O ‘Reilly from Fox News had to disparage her speech. Fox News is the catalyst for the hatred you see across America today concerning issues that matter. They enjoy seeing people at odds fueling their anger over important issues that matters. Fox News voiced nothing positive about the DNC on issues that matter to the American people. America needs to stop watching such negativity and hateful banter that promotes cynical propaganda persuading the public to hate each other

Fox News is blessed to have this public platform watched by millions across America instead of using it to broadcast the positive facts concerning real issues and debating how America can come to a resolution in solving the issues that is hurting every community in America, Fox News abuses their platform by promoting and broadcasting negative bias to the American people and it needs to STOP!! This is why the entire nation is divided because Fox takes real issued and twist them into cynical propaganda promoting false fact to the public and they believe it. The American people are hurting and Fox News use their platform to keep them oppress and depress about important issues. They play puppet master keeping opposition in the news for the public to hear. The American people need to realize that Fox News is not a factual news station. Fox News is nothing but an entertainment broadcasting news station promoting negative, racial, commentary to the American people poisoning their minds with false facts.


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About Colishia S. Benjamin

Colishia S. Benjamin is an inspirational author, inspiring screenwriter, and visionary living in North Carolina. She spent most of her adult life caring for others, working fifteen years in the healthcare field as a nursing assistant and as a habilitation technician. Her duties caring for the elderly and children with special needs exposed her to powerful emotional stories on a daily basis. The brave and remarkable individuals she met became the inspiration for her characters. Starting as poet and short story writer, Colishia knew she had more to say, and desire to develop and expand her writing into novels and screenplays. She enrolled in school as a full-time student at Full Sail University, where she earned her BFA in Creative Writing for Entertainment. In 2011, she saw two of her poems published, including A Silly Girl Crush, appearing in the book From A Window: Harmony by Ebner & Wein Publishing, and Taboo appearing in the Anthology Stars in Our Hearts. In September of 2012, WestBow Press published her work Poetry of Life. Colishia is now in the process of writing her first feature length screenplay titled The Cry: a horror film about an evil entity haunting and killing vacationers that cross its path on a secluded island. She plans to release her second book Dear Lord: A book of prayers in the Fall 2017.

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