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The Corrupt Police Officers of Today is now Considered the Modern-Day Lynch Mob of Yesterday

It’s time for America to stop and open their eyes and not turn away from this epidemic of white police officers killing our young black men across America.


Same Sex Marriage

It’s a shame politicians will sale their souls just to win an election because they feel they’re the voice of the people. The gays want the world to bow down to their ideology and to their own personal lust even though it’s unnatural and wrong to marry the same-sex. Just because they feel they should have the same rights and benefits of a married man and woman does not mean the entire world have to subject to what they believe. That’s their personal feelings to love who they want to love; but don’t go changing the laws of marriage that is between a man and a woman just because the gays feel a certain way.

That’s like saying, “I like smoking weed; since I like smoking weed and if the majority of the people feel the same as I then we need to form a coalition to make smoking weed legal in all 50 states”. Why? “Because it’s something I like doing and it’s something I feel passionate about. If I can persuade America into believing that there is nothing wrong with smoking weed then they will make it legal. I don’t have to hide to smoke it anymore. I can just come out of the closet and do it freely and open now”. America needs to grow some balls and start standing up against these gays and liberals who think they’re running the world.

It’s unnatural and it’s ungodly for two of the same-sex to marry. What happen to America leading the world instead of bowing down to deities such as lust, idols, ideology, money and immorality? The core of America is under God we trust to set moral standards, not to follow what the rest of the world is doing. I really hope the head of states don’t go through with this. It’s just not right and I don’t care how you debate it or petition it, it’s unnatural. It goes against the Law of Nature. Where is the voice of reason to keep marriage sacred only between man and woman? I don’t think the gays should call it marriage; they should call it something else because legally by law it’s really not marriage. It’s all in one’s imagination. Marriage will and forever will be between a man and a woman even if they do past this same-sex marriage law

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