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Police Brutality

There are good cops who protect their community without abusing their authority. They love what they do and they take pride in doing their job very well by honoring the badge. A professional cop doesn’t have time to stop somebody because they’re jay walking. A professional cop has bigger fish to fry. A professional cop would have called for back up when Brown took off running instead of executing him leaving his lifeless body in the street like a stray animal.  A professional cop would have defused the situation before it got out of hand. A professional cop would have used other resources before pulling out his gun to execute a teenager in broad daylight for pettiness? Why was this officer in rage? Lets look at the facts; everybody does not have the train skills as a professional cop, especially when they’re in a scuffle. As a professional cop, you can’t let your anger get the best of you. You can’t just shoot a kid ten times because he made you angry. Why would an officer kill a man in broad daylight by putting him in a chokehold? Eric Garner was not resisting arrest, he just wanted the officers to leave him alone.   What if there were no recordings? The officers will not face charges for their brutality. As you can see, some officers get away with murder even if it’s recorded. One might ask, where is the justice? This is not the way the law works, if you have that much rage, then why be a police officer? Whatever happen to police ethics? God sees everything and he will always have the last say so. The officers need to face charges. Lets face it, even hard criminals, serial killers, and pedophiles don’t get treated like this. It’s time to take a stand against police brutality in America. Thank God somebody was recording:


Bring Prayer Back to Our Schools

Ever since America has banned prayer, our schools has been in total chaos. Do the American people know that this great country we live in was found and created on Christianity? Our kids can salute and acknowledge a gay flag, but they cannot salute or acknowledge God in prayer? I know our ancestors are rolling over in their graves right about now. This has to stop. Our kids need the protection and the anointing of God on their lives. My grandmother, your grandmother believed in the power of prayer and in the power of God. Only a fool would say there is no God, only a fool. Every month there is a school shooting. When will the American people take a stand to say enough is enough?

Our schools across America is going to get worst every year until we as Christian stand together as one to bring prayer and God back into our school systems and back into our job force. Those who believe that there is a God please sign this petition and let’s start praying over our kids, our leaders, and our country, to put prayer back into schools and back into our government, and our nation. Lets join as one; it’s time to take control of this demonic spirit that has swept across America in the last fifteen years. It’s time to put God and Prayer back into the American System.

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