We the people Need to Take Back America


Obama need to continue turning up the political pressure on the Republicans. Boehner talks about America getting into more debt and he want to find ways to cut debt so our grandkids is not reasonable for our future debt.

Why didn’t the Bush administration think about this before they sent all our factories jobs overseas? It does not take a genius to figure out how to stop over spending in America, bring our American jobs back home to America so we can start back building and creating things in America.

College is not for everybody, back in 1992 under the Clinton administration America economy was booming because the American people had jobs we had white color jobs, and blue color jobs that paid a decent salary that the average person could live on especially those who didn’t go to college and just took up a trade.

The American people need to protest and let their voice be heard. The reason Republicans like Boehner can shut down the government because the American people give him the power to do so without saying anything. Now the government wants to cut out Food Stamps, Wic programs, unemployment checks, anything that will help the poor the Republicans will stop it. After you have sent 70% of our factory jobs overseas how do people suppose to work? Where should people look for work that can take care of an entire family?

Everything is going up except for minimum wage and salary wages. If there is an increase in the economy then there should be an increase in working people wages. The government is raping the American people and we are not doing anything about it. I recommend every freaking American to vote in 2014 so the Democrats can take over the house. The American people need to vote John Boehner out of the white house.

Every American citizen needs to figure out what their Mayor, Senator, and Governor, district Judges and DA’s will  do for them, in their community, and in their state. Don’t ever vote straight Democrat, educate yourself, do your research and know whom your voting for.

It’s time for the citizens to take back America and we should have the power and the rights on how this country is led.



About Colishia S. Benjamin

Colishia S. Benjamin is an inspirational author, inspiring screenwriter, and visionary living in North Carolina. She spent most of her adult life caring for others, working fifteen years in the healthcare field as a nursing assistant and as a habilitation technician. Her duties caring for the elderly and children with special needs exposed her to powerful emotional stories on a daily basis. The brave and remarkable individuals she met became the inspiration for her characters. Starting as poet and short story writer, Colishia knew she had more to say, and desire to develop and expand her writing into novels and screenplays. She enrolled in school as a full-time student at Full Sail University, where she earned her BFA in Creative Writing for Entertainment. In 2011, she saw two of her poems published, including A Silly Girl Crush, appearing in the book From A Window: Harmony by Ebner & Wein Publishing, and Taboo appearing in the Anthology Stars in Our Hearts. In September of 2012, WestBow Press published her work Poetry of Life. Colishia is now in the process of writing her first feature length screenplay titled The Cry: a horror film about an evil entity haunting and killing vacationers that cross its path on a secluded island.

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