I Need You to Survive.

One of the biggest concerns of the American people if the USA strikes Syria is, another war. Americans do not want another war, this country is already broke, all our factory jobs are over seas, and 70% of American is on welfare. What is the real reason for attacking Syria, is it really about the chemical attack, or do the government know something that they’re not telling Americans? America cannot help every country in the world. I’m sorry for all the people who died in this attack especially the kids, but America is not the world’s savior. I think it’s a trap to set Obama up because Syria don’t mind if the US attacks them because they know they have Iran backing them up. This goes deeper; whom do you think back Iran with their military weapons? China, and Russia, America is already in debt to China.
David Gray stated, “That is where the  mess boils out of control because with the United States entering the war zone, China and Russia decide they would rather back their Middle Eastern friends and start by providing weapons and artillery. China then uses the Middle East war as a distraction to invade and takeover disputed islands that Japan now owns. This sets off a ground conflict with Japan and China. Eventually Europe enters the theater to back the United States and Israel (and help get them out of the economic mess they’re in) and the war escalates into a new set of Axis and Allies, with the United States, Israel, most European countries, and Japan joining the Allies and China, Russia, and the Middle Eastern countries on the Axis side. I am literally talking about WWW III.”
I agree with David Gray, I don’t think it’s the Middle East Americans need to be worried about, I think it’s Russia and China against America and Europe, this will be the start of our World War III, and it’s not going to be pretty. This is a praying time, so pray for your leaders in government and congress, pray for all the leaders of the world that God will guide them to make wise and cautious decisions. Change can only start by you.


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About Colishia S. Benjamin

Colishia S. Benjamin is an inspirational author, inspiring screenwriter, and visionary living in North Carolina. She spent most of her adult life caring for others, working fifteen years in the healthcare field as a nursing assistant and as a habilitation technician. Her duties caring for the elderly and children with special needs exposed her to powerful emotional stories on a daily basis. The brave and remarkable individuals she met became the inspiration for her characters. Starting as poet and short story writer, Colishia knew she had more to say, and desire to develop and expand her writing into novels and screenplays. She enrolled in school as a full-time student at Full Sail University, where she earned her BFA in Creative Writing for Entertainment. In 2011, she saw two of her poems published, including A Silly Girl Crush, appearing in the book From A Window: Harmony by Ebner & Wein Publishing, and Taboo appearing in the Anthology Stars in Our Hearts. In September of 2012, WestBow Press published her work Poetry of Life. Colishia is now in the process of writing her first feature length screenplay titled The Cry: a horror film about an evil entity haunting and killing vacationers that cross its path on a secluded island.

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