The Murder of Emmett Till

On July 25,1955, Emmett Till a fourteen year old African-American teenager was kidnapped and brutally murdered by two white men who tortured him, beat him, gouged out one of his eye’s, tore his entire jaw from his face, split his head in half with an ax, cut off his penis, shot him in the head several times and mutilated his entire body for two days in a barn until he finally died. The wife of one of the men said she could hear the color boy screaming all night until after a couple of days it stopped. They then took his lifeless body and tied a 70-pound cotton gin fan around his neck with barbwire, so his body will not submerge from the river. The two men, Bryant and Milam were both acquitted of Till’s kidnapping and murder just like Mark Zimmerman was found not guilty of Trayvon Martin murder. Where is the justice for our black teenage boys of color? This goes to show hatred and racism is still alive today as it was yesterday.

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About Colishia S. Benjamin

Colishia S. Benjamin is an inspirational author, inspiring screenwriter, and visionary who was born in Miami, Florida. She now resides in Greenville, NC. After graduating from Ayden-Grifton high school, Colishia worked fifteen years in the healthcare field as a nursing assistant and as a habilitation technician. Her enthusiasm for writing poetry and short stories enabled her to further her career as a professional writer. She graduated from Full Sail University in March 2015. She has published two poems in 2011, A Silly School Girl Crush, appearing in the book From A Window: Harmony by Ebner & Wein Publishing; Taboo appearing in the Anthology Stars in Our Hearts. With critics praising Benjamin for her groundbreaking poetry, it appears she is firmly on the road to literary success. In September of 2012 WestBow Press published Poetry of Life. Colishia is now in the process of writing her first professional screenplay and her second book will be release in the fall of 2015.

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