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Your Destiny

The world is full of  people from diverse cultures, and ethnic groups.  Each of us has a story to tell. Some stories will be more doleful than others, but many stories will sound almost alike. It’s funny how we all can relate to someone else’s struggles, heartache, and pain. Life isn’t always fair; we have to play the cards that is given to us. In life players will win, players will lose, but life is what we make it. No matter what happens in life you’re the key player to your very own destiny.

Your Prayers and Your Votes Will Change America

America is in a crisis right now, signup and Pray for America. The President, the Heads of State, and all other leaders of America needs your help to vote, and your prayers. Pray and ask God to help with your decision on selecting the right candidates in office to run the state, the government, and this country. Your vote is very important to this country, signed up to Register to vote online. Just think if everyone in the world did not vote because they felt as if their vote would not count, can you imagine what this country would be like? Let your voice be heard, change starts with you, and lets start praying together with an everyday regime for our leaders. Prayer always changes things, lets make that change together by voting.

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